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Surlyn 8920

Surlyn 8920 is an ionic copolymer. This material is famous for its excellent transparency, wear resistance and processability. The main applications of Surlyn 8920 include the packaging industry and consumer goods industry. In the packaging industry, this surlyn resin is often used to make a variety of highly transparent packaging materials, such as food packaging, cosmetic packaging and so on. In the consumer goods industry, it is often used to make all kinds of durable consumer goods, such as sports equipment, soles and so on.

The Benefits of Surlyn 8920:

  • Excellent toughness and impact resistance, ensuring durability and resistance to damage.

  • Good heat resistance, maintaining performance in high-temperature environments.

  • Low moisture absorption, preventing degradation due to moisture exposure.

  • Versatile processing options, allowing for customization and adaptability to different applications

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