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  • POE ExxonMobil 6202
  • POE ExxonMobil 6202
  • POE ExxonMobil 6202

ExxonMobil 6202

POE 6202, the common type of POE resin, is a high performance polymer with good elasticity, easy processing and compatibility with all kinds of materials, especially for the blending of thermoplastic materials requiring excellent dispersion and compatibility of fillers.

  • POE ExxonMobil 6202
  • POE ExxonMobil 6202
  • POE ExxonMobil 6202

Specification of ExxonMobil 6202

PropertyTest MethodUnitTypical Values
DensityASTM D792g/cm30.862
Melt Flow Rate
(190°C /2.16 kg)
ASTM D1238g/10min8.5-9.5

Mold Shrinkag

ASTM D955%-
Tensile StrengthASTM D638Mpa6
Elongation at breakASTM D638%750-820

Flexural Strength

ASTM D790Mpa-
Flexural ModulusASTM D790Mpa-
Izod NotchedASTM D25623℃, J/m-
Heat Distortion Temp.ASTM D648-
Flame RetardancyUL94--


The above data is based on laboratory test results, and there may be errors with the actual situation. Our company will try our best to guarantee the stability of different batches and the consistency of samples. We will truthfully inform the basic information of the products, and the customers themselves must judge whether the products meet their own requirements.

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