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  • Elastollan® B 90 A 11 S

Elastollan® B 90 A 11 S

This BASF TPU material has excellent mechanical properties, better low-temperature flexibility, bending resistance and low-temperature elasticity than other series, and especially good physical properties, which makes it suitable for demanding applications in almost all industries, stable processability, easy coloring and can be recycled.

Feature of Elastollan® B 90 A 11 S

  • Polyester polyurethane elastomer has outstanding mechanical properties, high tensile strength, good damping characteristics, high rebound performance, good low-temperature bending resistance, and superior wear resistance.

  • Can be used for injection molding processing.

Specification of Elastollan® B 90 A 11 S

Physical PropertyNumerical ValueUnitTesting standards


89Shore ADIN ISO 7619-1 (3s)


1.20g/cm³DIN EN ISO 1183-1-A

Tensile Strength

50MPaDIN 53504-S2

Elongation at Break

600%DIN 53504-S2

Tear Strength

95N/mmDIN ISO 34-1Bb
Abrasion10mm³DIN ISO 4649-A

The test pieces are all made by injecting pre dried particles (with a moisture content of less than 0.02%), and after injection, they need to be annealed at 100 ° C for 20 hours.

The test spline is made by cutting the test piece. Test environment: Room temperature 23 ° C ± 2 ° C, air humidity 50% ± 6%. The above values are only representative reference values and are not used as product quality inspection standards. For applications with special requirements, please confirm data with the supplier before selecting materials.

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