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  • Elastoblend 953U 000

Elastoblend 953U 000

It is a kind of high performance polymer material with excellent physical and chemical properties, good wear resistance, weather resistance and UV resistance. This BASF TPU material is suitable for application fields such as footwear and seals.

Feature of Elastoblend 953U 000

  • Thermoplastic Polyester Polyurethane Elastomers with excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance, good damping characteristics and a high resilience performance.

  • Processable by injection moulding.

Specification of Elastoblend 953U 000

PropertyValueUnitTest method according to




Shore A

Shore D

DIN ISO 48-4 (3s)
Density1.23g/cm³DIN EN ISO 1183-1-A
Tensile strength60


DIN 53504-S2
Elongation at break500%DIN 53504-S2
Tear strength140N/mmDIN ISO 34-1Bb
Abrasion loss50mm³DIN ISO 4649-A

Test plates are manufactured by injection moulding from pre-dried pellets (water content less than 0.02%). Test plates are aged 20 hrs at 100°C. Specimens are cut from test plates. Test conditions: 23°C± 2°C and 50% ± 6% rel. humidity.

These are general guidance data. No statement regarding specific properties. All supplies are subject to detailed specifications to be agreed-up in each individual case and containing, among others, the tolerances to be specified therein.

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