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Ethylene Acrylic Acid (EAA) is a copolymer resin that is created through the copolymerization of ethylene and acrylic acid monomers. EAA material is commonly used in various industries, including packaging, automotive, and coatings.

Types of EAA Resin

TPI EAA OG is the original Dow box imported off-grade of the US, Chinese name is ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer, is a thermoplastic formed by the copolymerization of ethylene and acrylic acid monomers. EAA resin offered by the leading plastic resin suppliers has excellent heat sealability, tear resistance, adhesion, transparency, toughness, can isolate air and water vapor. In addition, EAA resin also has good low temperature performance, flexibility, excellent resistance to bending cracking and environmental stress cracking and higher thermal stability.

  • EAA 3004

    A high-performance ethylene acrylic acid copolymer known for its excellent adhesion properties, used in applications such as packaging films and coatings.
  • EAA 3440

    An ethylene acrylic acid copolymer with improved impact resistance and thermal stability, commonly used in automotive parts and electrical connectors.
  • EAA 3460

    A versatile ethylene acrylic acid copolymer that offers good adhesion to a wide range of substrates, suitable for applications like flexible packaging and laminating.
  • EAA 5980l

    A low-density ethylene acrylic acid copolymer designed for enhanced flexibility and sealability, often used in food packaging films and pouches.
  • EAA 5990l

    An ethylene acrylic acid copolymer with excellent adhesion and moisture barrier properties, ideal for applications in the packaging industry.

Application of EAA (Ethylene Acrylic Acid Copolymer):

Product Property of EAA

Melt Flow3-300 g/10min
Density0.94 g/cm³
Acrylic Acid Content6-18%

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